Journal Prompts to Help with Body Positivity

Journal Prompts to Help with Body Positivity

Expressive writing is so beneficial to help you gain clarity, grow with confidence and create body positivity.

We recommended creating a loving journaling routine that you can practice each day. That allows you to release your thoughts, learn and grow from them.

Your journal provides you with a safe space to release your emotions.

Keeping in mind that it’s yours only, you don’t have to share it to anyone but if you do feel comfortable you could share with your practitioner. If you struggle with expressing yourself verbally but love writing it out it’s a great way to provide your practitioner with your thoughts and feelings. So that you are able to work through them together.

Sometimes looking at a blank journal can feel quite daunting, not knowing where to start or how to write it all out.

That’s where journal prompts can be so helpful, having questions to prompt you to answer deeply and honestly. Today we have shared five journal prompts that can help you in creating body positivity.

I am beautiful because…

I am grateful for my body because…

I love myself for…

Today my body did…..for me

My body is empowering because….

Write these down in your journal and create time in your schedule. That allows you to sit down in a comfortable space without any interruptions and respond thoughtfully.

How did you feel after your journaling? We’d love to hear from you.