Why choose The Australian Centre for Eating Disorders for professional development?

Why choose The Australian Centre for Eating Disorders for professional development?

If you are a health professional who wants to learn more about eating disorders and weight concerns, then there are a range of training options open to you.

So why do health professionals choose The Australian Centre for Eating Disorders (ACFED) when there are cheaper options available?

Well, ACFED is different to other training providers in a number of ways.

Firstly, we offer more than just training.

Anyone who works with eating disorders will tell you about the unique challenges, the complexities, the frustration, the need for fresh ideas and the ongoing professional support. This is the reason that ACFED has a private Facebook group just for our practitioners. It’s somewhere to ask for advice, and to share ideas and knowledge. It’s somewhere to source referrals, build professional friendships and sometimes just to chat and let off steam.

ACFED also knows that we need to refresh our knowledge as we gain more experience and develop in our careers. This is the reason we invite our practitioners to return and take their original training a second, or even a third time if they want to! We don’t charge for a refresher course, because we recognise the value in having more experienced practitioners at the training so they can share knowledge and resources with the people doing it for the first time. It’s a win for everyone!

It’s also so important that people who are living with an eating disorder can find a clinician who truly understands and has the knowledge to be able to support them to recovery. This is the reason that ACFED offer all our practitioners the opportunity to have a listing on our website. This listing is offered free of charge to any health professional who has completed a course with us. Our practitioners enjoy direct enquiries from these listings and can update the listing themselves.

We also know that a multi-disciplinary approach works best. So feeling connected and having good local referral options are so important for clinicians. This is the reason that ACFED has planned to host local networking meetings in each capital city (just as soon as covid 19 restrictions allow!)

When you chose ACFED for your professional development, you are choosing to join a network of passionate and knowledgeable psychologists, psychiatrists, nurses, doctors, social workers, counsellors and dietitians. That’s why over 70% of our course participants chose to return and complete another course with us. Some have gone on to complete four different courses. There is no greater recommendation than that!


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