ACFED Practitioner Network

ACFED Practitioner Network

Your opportunity to join our network and become an ACFED Approved Practitioner

Our comprehensive ACFED training comprises of three main components:

  • Eating Disorder Essentials
  • Psychological Approaches for Clients with Weight Concerns
  • Practical Skills for Eating Disorders and Weight Concerns

As an ACFED Approved Practitioner you will be among the first to find out about future training opportunities and you receive the support and encouragement you need to be successful.

Our practitioners will be informed of the latest eating disorders research, and will have a regular supply of materials that will enable them to better engage with clients. Our practitioners are also able to ask for advice and share knowledge within the network too.
Only ACFED Approved Practitioners are able to display our logo to promote their skills and attract more clients to their business.

Your listing on our referral database will indicate your level of expertise.


When an ACFED Approved Practitioner has completed all three courses, they can be listed as a Gold Level Practitioner.
The Gold level demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of all the skills required to effectively recognise and treat eating disorders and to help clients with weight concerns.


Completion of two of the courses above will elevate you to Silver level.
The completed courses will be listed under you name so clients can easily identify your skills.


On completion of one of the courses above, you can be listed as an ACFED Approved Practitioner. Your listing will indicate which course you have taken so potential clients can easily see your area of expertise . Your listing will allow clients to contact you directly to book an appointment.

GOLD Practitioner Program

You can book and pay for all three courses to achieve Gold status for a significant discount. See the Gold Practitioner Program details here